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Meet Par

Born in India, raised in Canada’s Saskatoon, then raised the rest of the way in Maryland. Life started me out as a regular kid, spending a lot of time playing outdoors , riding my ten-speed bike where you really shouldn’t be (like moto cross dirt tracks), then walking home with that bike because I jumped a hill and bent the front rim.
My cycle of life: a son, a brother, kid, student, athlete, photographer, GI, husband, father, uncle, coach, and LEO. All along, maybe bumping and scraping my ‘rims’ but never bending or breaking. Now it’s time for me to hang up my GOV holster and journey forward capturing, people, places and life with my camera … with the same passion as I had when I bought my first camera at the age of 11 (or 12’ish).

“The worst enemy of creativity is self- doubt.” -Sylvia Plath