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We’re on a Roll!

The next step, the Minolta X-700, 35mm SLR, purchased in or about 1982 at Macy’s. If you recall, Macy’s had its own electronics department, carrying TV’s, stereos, speakers and cameras. The Minolta was my next progression; I would equate it to taking the training wheels off and starting to use past experiences and knowledge for photography. There was no yellow and red light to warn you of over or under exposure, you just had to know it. This camera allowed me to expand the camera with specialty lenses; wide-angle, telephoto and zoom. I never got attached to using prime lenses (fixed, like 17mm, 35mm, and 50mm). So, I started using the zoom variety and kinda stuck to it. My Minolta documented my military life, my marriage, the birth of my kids, air shows, family gathering and my trek across the United States from Maryland to California in a Honda CRV.

And oh yeah, lots of film! And lots of boxes for the prints!

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